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What is PixelwaveGames?
PixelwaveGames is a team, founded by Benny M. and Pia H. in July 2011.
Unfortunately meanwhile the team still consists of only 1 programmer, me (Benny). But I'm working together with other people which are maybe willed to join the team later.
Also the attitude to develop only for the Android platform has changed.
I'm really curious about the future of PixelwaveGames. I'm planning to release the game I'm currently developing on Steam Greenlight.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, ideas or what ever.
PixelwaveGames's goals
Funny and enjoyable games for different platforms to get more experience, to make some people hopefully happy and just to have fun. Who knows what the future already has prepared for PixelwaveGames...
The team
Benny - Code Sven - GD
Benny Sven